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So busy I can't even relax and enjoy my own pieces!


Rich H

 - So busy I can't even relax and enjoy my own pieces! - Rich H
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Several yeas ago, I was fortunate enough to move into a brand new house in a new subdivision.  My house has deck that faces a man made lake.  I had visions of lounging on the deck in the early morning, drinking my coffee looking at the lake and of course get togethers with friends.  We bought some patio furniture at a big box store to serve this purpose.  We quickly learned that this was a mistake.  Every time it stormed the wind would blow the furniture around, the sun discolored it, the cushions got dirty etc.  It got to the point that we didn't even use it anymore.  What is the point of having the lovely deck if we can't use it?  

After just two years, our patio furniture looked so bad it needed replacing.  We searched in vain for new furniture.  We wanted something high quality, long lasting, low maintenance, extremely comfortable, and nice to look at.  
 - So busy I can't even relax and enjoy my own pieces! - Rich H
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We looked at several different types of wood products and liked the idea, but they all seemed to lack a certain quality.  I decided since I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, I would make my own.

I did make my own Adirondack chairs.  It was exactly what I had been searching for!  I quickly went back to enjoying my deck, my view of the lake and enjoying time with friends and family outside.  It seemed that everyone who came over commented on how comfortable the Adirondack chairs were, and how beautiful the chairs were.  Everyone wanted to know where I got them so they could go buy them for themselves.  
 - So busy I can't even relax and enjoy my own pieces! - Rich H
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Apparently,  I wasn't the only one looking for this type of product!  After a year of everyone asking about my furniture and asking me to make them one, I decided to become a producer and start my own business.

What started out with me just wanting nice, comfortable, high quality, low maintenance outdoor furniture with  two Adirondack chairs has grown into a thriving side business with a whole line of outdoor furniture.  In addition to Adirondack chairs, I now build gliders, rockers, garden benches, love seats, footrest, side tables, full size picnic tables, swings as well as many products for kids!

All of my pieces are hand made to a high standard of excellence, (all pieces of wood are hand cut and sanded to a buttery soft finish) and then hand assembled with stainless steel hardware and if desired finished with a wood sealer and stain that brings out the natural beauty of the Western Red Cedar wood I use.  I can even shipped unassembled kits to you with precise detailed instructions,  pictures on how to assemble your furniture, and my contact info if you need assistance during assembly.  

 - So busy I can't even relax and enjoy my own pieces! - Rich H
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The only downside to my success is now I am so busy I can't even relax and enjoy my own Adirondack chairs!  

If you want your hard earned money to go further with the very best you can buy, come check out my website today!  I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

Thank You,

Rich H.
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