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Hi Scott!

Just wanted to let you know about the Boat Show we did this weekend!  

From what other vendors told us who have done the show before, they considered it a little slow.  As for our booth and considering it was out 1st time, I think we had good traffic.  We were next to a Sam's Club booth, a guy from their corporate office
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liked out furniture and we are being considered to do a display showing in their south La. store (I'm not sure what all that consists of, we weren't their when he came...a store manager who was setting up their booth told us that on Friday when we got there.)   Also a vendor from a store in Mandeville (which is an area we want to sell in) came to our booth on Friday to take a look at our furniture because he saw people all around the arena with our flyers and wanted to meet with us.  David went to see him & his store today.  He will be carrying our product in both of his stores...we worked out 30% discount on Logo furniture and 32% off of our other products.

After the show we revamped our prices again because people were asking us how can we sell our stuff so cheap!  I have our website updated...check it out when you get a chance...www.cedarmillswoodworks.com and tell me what you think.

We also have another upscale store here in Baton Rouge who is excited and will be handling our products as well.

We met a couple at the show who is on the board of the rodeo across the river from us who wants us to put our stuff out at their arena!

We had a great time and made good contacts...we sold about $2500 worth of products which paid for the booth & expenses plus.  Our final evaluation of the show is that it was a success

Do you think the wholesale price we are offering is a good balance for us and the vendor?

Thanks for your help and advice!


Cedar Mills Woodworks


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