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James Williams


Anew Backyard

I said the first day I could retire I would and after thirty five years of retail management

I did July 2004. I have been a do it yourselfer all my life. I have always loved working with wood, but never considered making money at it. I started looking for something to do in the wood working field. The Eureka franchise looked very inviting and after much prayer and talking to Harry Wilk I decided to give it a try January 2005. I got my packet and started watching the training videos. I have remodeled several houses but never built any furniture. I got my wood in March 2005 and built several of each item until I built everything in the manual. April 2005 I loaded a chair on my truck and called on some local nurseries and sold everything I built. My business did well enough to pay for the franchise and the tools I needed to buy to set up my shop. The second year my business did two and a half times what it did the previous year. The business continued to grow and in May 2007 my sales passed 2006 sales and it looks like my sales will break six figures this year.
The Eureka Program has been an excellent opportunity for me and my wife. The product line is the best in the industry and just keeps getting better. I have Amish competition in my area and they sell their chair for $100.00 cheaper than I do, but most people want quality, and with the Eureka Product Line, quality is great.
My wife and I are very thankful to find Eureka. Harry Wilk has helped me with my business even after the sale. I highly recommend the classes that Harry gives for his partner producers. I am convinced that there is no limit to where this program can take you.

Thanks Again,
James Williams

Anew Backyard

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