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How it works for you - 12 Good Reasons

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The Building and Marketing Cycle –Balancing Your Time
12 Good Reasons
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Why EUREKA is the Finest Wood Working Business Opportunity available...
  1. The EUREKA Business Program is designed, maintained and upgraded by woodworkers and is time tested and proven for over 15 years with over 500 Producers Worldwide

  2. The EUREKA Outdoor Furniture Line is market tested and a proven and very popular design of outdoor furniture, originated and developed right here in the USA.

  3. The EUREKA FactoryTrac™ Jig & Template System provides the tools necessary to manufacture a high quality product quickly, efficiently and the same every time in a production environment right in your shop!

  4. EUREKA supports your effort with our comprehensive printed and on line Operations Manual, Producer Bulletins and access to a wealth of information in the Producer Only section or our website.

  5. EUREKA is a distributor for a major line of woodworking equipment and Producers purchase such equipment at the some of the lowest prices in the market

  6. Producers use the buying power of EUREKA’s over 500 Producers to source and purchase high quality materials at the best pricing around.

  7. As a EUREKA Producer you will have access to the EUREKA highly experienced staff for assistance in production to sales & marketing to how to set up your shop and much more…

  8. You can produce the finest furniture in the world, but if you have no customers –well you won’t stay in business for long. EUREKA Business Consultants can assist you with meaningful marketing campaign support & ideas to help you get your product in front of buyers.

  9. EUREKA’s National Furniture Website allow us to show our products to the world and many of your customers will come through that door,and EUREKA sends that business your way!

  10. If you participate in shows & festivals, attend trade shows or engage in reseller activities, you will find great use for EUREKA’s library of promotional materials and resources.

  11. The world of e-commerce is at your doorstep. EUREKA provides a first class website presence for Producers and the knowledge of how to grow your sales through the internet and social marketing.

  12. You can rest assured that EUREKA will not stand still and will continue grow our passion for the wooden furniture business. We succeed as a network –sharing idea, technologies and methods that strengthen all of our businesses.
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